Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring at last!

This past winter was LONG! And cold. And long. This past week we have finally been having warmer temperatures so the last of the snow has melted away revealing a big mess that was once a garden. I admit I neglected the yard and garden quite a bit last summer because we had a new baby to tend to instead. I missed having a veggie garden though, more than I expected. I am really excited to restart my garden this year, but I have a lot of work ahead of me. Because I let it go wild, my veggie garden currently looks like this:
It is full of crabgrass, thistle, and so many weeds that I will need to start over completely. Thankfully the weather this week is supposed to be pretty nice, so I have a chance to clear things out.

This morning I decided to start a little outdoor spring cleaning before tackling the garden. Our side door where everyone enters the house was dirty and run down. Leaves had blown everywhere and it had become a dumping ground for shovels, brooms, gas cans, and our snowthrower.

After a little sweeping, cleaning, and putting things away in the shed, it now looks much more presentable. Cozy, yes?

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